“Welcome and good morning.  You are now tuned to WPFW 89.3 FM, what is supposed to be a liberated masses medium.  This is the super funky soul power hour, a newly official member of theTrggr Media Group, aka Trggr Media Collective, aka Trggr Radio South…

This exciting development will be discussed later with one of our guests Dr. Chris Tinson.  Our other guests this morning activist and artist Jasiri X and Parisa Norouzi of Empower DC, will be with us to, among other things, discuss the state of activism and, in particular, something still referred to by some as “hip-hop activism.”  which makes our special introductory song this morning that much more relevant.  Common’s A Song For Assata (Shakur) with vocals by Cee-lo Green has had latent contradictions emerge this week as a Black fbi agent, under the auspices of a Black attorney general and a Black president – voted and campaigned for by the artists themselves -announced Assata Shakur as the one woman on their vaunted “most wanted terrorist” list.  the “power and pride, so beautiful” whose soul the song prays will be protected has once again been threatened, but this time by an administration many still claim is different, better, and the product of an activist movement and legacy.  Obama claimed it, draped himself in it and welcomed the now blatantly foolish claims by some that he is a product – even an extension of – once great activist traditions. But what kind of activism, or in what state must activism of any kind be, that happily produces the very apparatus that would re-inscribe those who resist state terrorism as terrorists themselves?  What kind of activism produces that which would condemn an Assata Shakur or the movement from which she emerged?  Today we will ask our guests their thoughts on the state and definition of activism and “hip-hop activism” right here on the super funky soul power hour, aka TRGRRadio the remix on WPFW 89.3 fm.”

May 3, 2013

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