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Son-Shine On Cracked Sidewalks: An Audiobook by Todd Steven Burroughs

Here for details about the book, plus many extras and more from the author Dr. Todd Steven Burroughs


  1. That was an intresting commentary, it painted your verbal illustrations of the city of Newark very well. There were a few gag worthy “rainbow coalition” and “Off into the sunset” quips, but overall all it was very informative. I actually learned that Amiri Baraka was married to a white jew originally. I’m left wondering if Baraka was communist oriented before or after his first marriage?

    1. THANKS, David!

      I tried to be a harsh, cynical journalist on this one, and it didn’t take. Sorry for the gagging. 🙂

      Baraka became a Communist after traveling to Africa and learning that the African leaders were scientific socialists, not Black nationalists. He learned that Africans were using nationalism to promote backward thinking.

      If you want to trace Baraka’s thinking, I would strongly recommend “The LeRoi Jones/Amiri Baraka Reader.”

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