Dr. Hate held it down this week as we launch our annual tribute to Black August! Mwariama Kamau was back with Baba Shaka from the Marcus Garvey Institute to talk Marcus Garvey.  For our full Black August archive, including interviews on the history, politics and continuing struggle, click here!

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  1. singling not signaling

  2. Check out how the international criminal biden criminalizes the nation of Africa by signaling out corruption that the government he serves and it allies incubat and then comes with the truth.

    “It’s a cancer in Africa as well as around the world. Widespread corruption is an affront to the dignity of its people, and a direct threat to each of your nations’ stability…

    “In your hands, with your help, Africa can and will go so much further…and quite frankly the success of the rest of the world depends in part on your success.”


    • Nixakliel

      Joe Biden ‘lecturing’ African leaders about corruption is like Hitler lecturing Napoleon about NOT invading Russia! Check out this report by Michael Hudson @ The Real News: ‘The West Looks to Ramp-up Gas Production as Vice President Biden’s SON Named Leader of Ukrainian Gas Company, Burisma’ [@ http://therealnews.com/t2/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=31&Itemid=74&jumival=12186 ]. This report puts this yr’s events in Ukraine in a whole new light. Joe Biden Jr is due to make out like a bandit & literally make a ‘KILLING’ on Ukrainian fracked gas! No wonder Ukraine’s ex Pres who was leaning away from the EU’s IMF’s World Banksters’ & more toward Putin’s Russia for econ aid, was over-thrown by an Obama / Biden regime backed Neo-NAZI coup! Hudson says the Kiev Neo-NAZI regime’s war on eastern Ukraine is as much about protecting Biden Jr’s gas-fracking interests as about keeping them from splitting off & annexing to Russia.

      Back to the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey: It was’not Just Garvey & the BPP that Gay Edgar Hoover’s FBI / COINTELPRO sought to destroy but every key Black leader in between IE: Elijah Muhamed, Malcolm X, Dr MLK Jr, Kwame’ Toure’ [aka Stokley Carmichael], etc… Malcolm, Martin, Bro Toure’ & the BPP were specifically named as targets to be ‘neutralized’ by Hoover’s COINTELPRO nefarious schemes to ‘Stop the rise of a Black Messiah’. Hoover hired the first Black FBI ‘agent’ specifically to get close to & spy on Garvey.
      The fact that Hoover went after Garvey, Malcolm & King w equal fanaticism, confirms what Malcolm said re: the ” Hypocrisy of white supremacists’ ‘Democracy’ ” [including many ‘liberals’]- Garvey & Malcolm talked about Pan African nationalism, separation from the white man & the right to self-defense, while King talked ‘integration’, non-violence, peace & ‘love’- yet Hoover’s COINTELPRO orchestrated the demise of all 3!!!

      More on the Black mis-leadership class’ betrayal of men like Garvey. Bob Marley wrote a song w the lyrics “I’ll never forget- Oh No- That they sold Marcus Garvey for rice…” Those lyrics refers to Garvey’s intent to set-up a base in Liberia W.Africa. At the time the Liberian Pres was an Americo Liberian [mulatto?] named Charles D.B. King. Garvey surveyed some land there & even paid a down-payment to buy it.
      Then agents of the USG got to King likely telling him that Garvey would stir-up a rebellion among the indigenous Liberians [long oppressed by the Amerigo Liberians- FYI Samuel K Doe was Liberia’s first & likely only non Americo head of state] in a ‘supposed’ [= ‘hypothetical’] bid to take over Liberia. So King sold Garvey out buy selling the very land Garvey paid a down-payment on- to the Firestone Rubber / Tire Corp for a 100 yr lease [ends in 2029] at just 6 cents / acre [The Firestone Rubber plantation = 1,000,000 acres the World’s largest plantation].
      Needless to say Firestone Rubber ‘Plantation’ treated the indigenous Liberian workers much like ‘Ole Massa’ on slave plantations- paying them just $30/month & making them live in 1 pm ‘hut-shacks’ after working them from Can’t see in the morning to Can’t see at night.’ But then Firestone learned that the main thing the worker bough w they $30 every month was a 100lb sack of Rice [Liberia was once self-sufficient in rice its main staple food- & grew some the World’s best rice]. So then Firestone decided instead of paying the worker just $300/mon they’d give them a 100 lb sack of stale, non-nutritional, broken-grain RICE that could NOT even be sold on the US market! Thus King [sell-out] Sold Marcus Garvey out to Firestone for RICE!
      Turns out that Liberian King [sell-out] was facilitating Firestone Rubber Plantation w kidnapped Africans sold as slave-labor! In fact this led to an international scandal such that King [sell-out] was forced from office in disgrace! Yet the League of Nations [the same league that stood by & let El ‘Douche-bag’ Mussolini vamp on Ethiopia] failed to force the Firestone Rubber Plantation to shut-down operations nor voided &/or truncated Firestone’s 100/yr lease.

      • Nixakliel

        FYI: The correct Firestone pay for laborers is $30 / mon. In fact the nick-name for that imported 3rd rate Rice [hat they dumped on Liberia] is Pussava [rice]- which in KPele’ [one of the main tribes in Liberia] = Thirty [30].

  3. According to the Carter library “NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL MEMORANDUM-46” is a forgery (http://www.jimmycarterlibrary.gov/documents/prmemorandums/prm46forgery.pdf). However, just the same as the Willie Lynch letter, this does not negate the policy expressed in the document.

    • Right on. But I believe it though. U can see it with your eyes. History says different. Only select and elect safe negroes and keep both black power movements in the U.S and Africa separate. Check

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