Black Fist Fridays, Black August and the Garvey Movement

The real and permanent Black Fist Friday returned this past week for more on Black August and the Garvey MovementDr. Hate hosted this powerful roundtable with Queen Mother Mariamne Samad a lifelong member of the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) who shared her experience in that organization, knowing both Amy Jacques and Amy Ashwood Garvey, Malcolm X and grandson Tupac Shakur.  Also at the table was Dr. Quito Swan of Howard University and UNIA-ACL international organizer Mwariama Kamau.


  1. Glad someone finally just laid out straight talk about dubois. Excellent show very informative, I also love the maxim put forth in the early part of the show.

  2. Great interview! I really appreciate the elder’s decades of service to the people. I enjoyed living through her memories and will strive to emulate and take baton further.

    Also, Marcus Garvey said that he taught Hitler and Mussolini everything that they knew about nationalism! Amazing to think that Hitler literally had a copy of his Philosophies! For a quick overview see Tony Martin’s Race First, 59-61.

    If Garvey dies, Garvey lives
    Long live Garvey

  3. I’d love to have that discussion as well. DuBois was a psychologically tormented, mulatto supremacist whose flirtations with Zionism and American Imperialism unmasked his warped talented tenth, Boule dream. Classic Mr. In-Between (Don’t want to be Black and they won’t let you be white). His attacks on Mr. Garvey’s phenotype and his wasteful pursuit of civil rights and social acceptance reflects a dependent mindset and inferiority complex. Even the Pan African Conference hosted by this double conscious, double agent at best offered an instrumental solution to our fundamental problems. Mr. Garvey out thought, out organized and out performed WEB at every turn.

  4. What?! Two consecutive programs without musical interruptions. Afrikans need all the information on the UNIA we can digest. I would like to see a panel discussion regarding the 1st Pan African Conference, organized by Dr. Dubois, as a petty bourgeois reactionary response to the Garvey program.

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