The full iMiXWHATiLiKE Killer Bs Squad was on hand to pay tribute to Cheikh Anta Diop, Frantz Fanon and all those in struggle against police violence and imposed inequalities.  We did this in the context of a tribute to the 1974 UNESCO Conference on Ancient Egypt at which Cheikh Anta Diop and Theophile Obenga successfully defended the fact that Egypt (Kemet) was an inner-African, intra-African, sub-Saharan African, Black African civilization whose contributions to the world continue to be omitted or distorted (see Exodus 2014).  We also honored this as the week in 1961 where we lost Frantz Fanon, the equally legendary African revolutionary, scholar and physician.  We aired audio from protests in suburbia, world premiered new music from The Cornel West Theory, heard from Les Nubians, and rocked an instant classic G-Unit response to the police murder of Eric Garner.  All this, plus audience calls and more in this edition of iMiXWHATiLiKE!


  1. I have mentioned incessantly that a visual needed to be done, whether it be a documentary or movie, of the Dr. Chiek Anta Diop & Theophile Obenga destruction of the European mythology negating and whitewashing the true ethnicity of Africans populating ancient Egypt. From what I understand there is supposed to be some attempt from some Africans. These intellectual thrashings need to be put to the forefront the same way this pornography of Black men being murdered by law enforcement is transmitted regularly.

    I actually kicked it with African Classical Pianist Randy Weston prior to a performance at the Newark Museum where he shared with me that he had the whole presentation at his home. His wife, who is from Senegal also confirmed it. Could you imagine the visual impact of seeing something like that? The impact that would have on our children. I mean a real good look and not a film being nice and trying to spare the feelings of white folk, the unadulterated truth!

  2. The Case of Eric Garner shows that cops wearing ‘body cameras is likely yet another phony [‘magic bullet’] solution to the problem!
    Because in his case the whole thing was filmed & recorded [both video & sound], so none of that standard BS cop meme CRAP IE: ‘Mr Garner was out of control & was a threat of the cops & the public – robbed a store, etc…’-
    The cops singled Mr Garner out for the {non}’Crime’ of selling loose cigarettes, which he was NOT even doing at the time -&- then choked & body slammed him while piling on- resulting in his death! Plus choke-holds have ‘technically’ been ILLEGAL for the NYPD to use since the mid 1990s [but obviously they still use them]. Yet none of that mattered, the NYPD cop that killed Mr Garner w an ILLEGAL choke-hold, Dan Pantaleo- won’t even face involuntary-2nd degree manslaughter or negligent homicide charges!!! So much for cop body-cameras being the ‘magic-bullet’ solution to the problem- which IMO cops will just learn how to make their cameras conveniently ‘malfunction’ while they’re doing their ‘{dirty}Cop Business’.

    PS: The Hispanic guy who filmed Mr Garner’s killing at the hands of the NYPD & even his wife, have both been indicted on BOGUS charges- by the NYPD in retaliation!!!

    ‘Liberal’ Dim NYC Mayor De Blasio can ‘express; all the ‘I feel your pain’ type sympathy he wants to Mr Garner’s family- due to the fact that DeBlasio’s kids are half-Black. The real question will DeBlasio as Mayor demand that NYPD chief Bratton fire that cop Dan Pantaleo, caught on tape using an ILLEGAL choke-hold to kill Mr Garner [Plus: Why the HELL did ‘liberal’ Dim DeBlasio even pick repug Rude Fulliani era NYPD chief Bratton as his NYPD chief?]?? And also will the 1st Black Pres Obama’s & his 1st Black AG Holder’s DoJ bring Federal charges against NYPD cop Dan Pantaleo- caught in tape choking Mr Garner to death &/or St Louis DA Rob McCulloch for jury-tampering & obstruction of justice- for giving the grand jury blatantly false instructions??? I wouldn’t ‘Hold{er} my breath on it!!!

    1. No need for o hold your breath Pantaleo Wiil be fired and soon. But proving exactly what? That in cases where the evidence is overwhelming such as this one or Abner Louima, they will make a sacrifice of one guy to keep the train running? What about the other cops who aided and abetted this Crime? They will continue to cash a check and roam the streets armed and dangerous.

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