In this edition of iMiXWHATiLiKE! we were joined by legal scholar and law professor Kimberle’ Crenshaw for a discussion of a new report she co-authored, Black Girls Matter: Pushed Out, Over Policed and Under Protected.  We were then joined by Dr. Quito Swan for an exclusive update on his groundbreaking research into Black Power in the Pacific.  All this plus music from Myra Barnes, Public Enemy and a world premier from The Cornel West Theory.

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  1. Runoko rashidi is a black historian who has done research in the pacific as well specifically Fiji and Australia. He’s been many places but it is great to hear info from someone who currently traveled there. I’d love to hear part two. It’s always fascinating to hear the global interconnectedness in the pan African community. The Caribbean, pacific, America, Africa, Latin america etc . . .all the black movements are very much connected. . . Panthers inspired many, Marcus Garvey inspired many, the Haitian revolution inspired many, Lumumba, the maroons and on and on…I mean it’s incredible to start to wrap your mind around the numerous ways in which we worked to liberate ourselves n and are working to gain self determination globally

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