Ilyasah Al-Shabazz, the daughter of Malcolm X, was quoted recently as saying that, “It was when I was watching the second Obama inauguration that I started to really worry that my father was being written out of history…” Her comment speaks to the concern discussed in this presentation by Dr. Jared Ball, the branding of Malcolm X and the revolutionary ideas with which he worked.

A special thanks to Dr. Conrad Worrill and The Jacob H. Carruthers Center for Inner City Studies (CCICS) for the invitation and a wonderful event.


  1. Malcolm X’s Last Speech_The Power Structure is International- [see @ ]

    The more they claim things have supposedly have changed [for the better – aka ‘progress’], the more in reality they’ve actually stayed the same SOS! Points Malcolm X made in this last speech [a week before his assassination]: that are just as relevant today as they were 50 yrs ago:
    – Police brutality vs Black people.
    – The use of crime stats to demonize Black people to justify [racist] police violence vs Black people- decades before anyone even heard of jokers like Rude Fooliani & FOX Noise
    – The way the Lame-stream media spins those standing against / won’t tolerate racist oppression as the ‘real’ problem who ‘advocate violence’.
    – In 1965 the watch word was ‘Selma’, 50 yrs later the watch-word is Ferguson. Then the cops were siccing dogs & using water cannons & ‘Billy’-clubs on the protesters, now it’s MWRAPS & sound cannons [& they’ve still got the dogs & clubs].
    – 1965 they were hyping the VRA Act, 50yrs later the SCOTUS Court guts the VRA on the watch of the first Black POTUS & AG.
    – ‘Liberal’ ‘humanitarian’ BOMBING in the name of ‘democracy’ & protecting civilians [decades before anyone ever heard of ‘R2P’]. In this case it was in post Lumumba Congo. Malcolm did NOT even name Mobutu as the US’ & Belgium’s go to ‘Negro’ in the Congo at that point, but rather Tshombe’.
    [A Brief history of the ‘Rape of the Congo’ – Under the Belgiums King Leopold & his ilk slaughtered up-to 10 MILLION Congolese & Maimed MILLIONS more- circa late 1800s early 1900s. When Congo had a chance at a new start w independence under Patrice Lumumba, though constitutionally elected he was still over-thrown in a CIA / Belgium backed coup that ultimately resulted in the rise of that notorious dictator Mobutu. Thus Congo / Zaire been catching HELL ever since. Then came the fall-out of the Rwandan ‘genocide’ in the mid 1990s that spilled over into Congo / Zaire- resulting to-date in 6 – 7 Million dead {& counting} & mass RAPE of Congolese women & girls as a ‘weapon of war. This is spearheaded by the staunchly US backed regimes of Paul Kagame’ {Rwanda} & Museveni {Uganda]]
    – The US [& NATO’s] use of [white] mercenaries in to carry-out their nefarious geo-political objectives in Africa & else-where- yrs before anyone even heard of Black-water / Xe….

    Also note that Malcolm X was likely the first prominent leader in the US [Black or white] to publicly speak out against the Vietnam War at-least 2 – 3 yrs before MLK did in April 1967. Other prominent Black leaders ahead of the curve on Vietnam IE: on record as being against the War were SNCC [Stokely Carmichael / Kwame’ Toure’], the NOI’s Muhammed Ali & the BPP Party.

  2. Real talk. My favorite part was actually when you described how you knew Black people who decided to sellout for a pay check knowingly. Ironically, it brought a bit of hope to my heart. It made me think of a statement that Dr. Carr made a while back when he said something to the effect the Black middle class make their retrograde decisions in a world where they think that Black people cannot win being themselves.

    Why did your statement bring me hope? I am happy that the sellout-ism of Black people is driven by a logical, conscious weighing of consequence and not some kind of subconscious identification with the oppressor. It makes me believe that if revolutionary Africans could just get our movement off the ground, many of the so-called sellouts will reconsider their actions with the same logical rigor. Again, I think of another quote that I’m going to mangle, this time from Malcolm X when he said that when a Mau Mau-like revolution come to America, people who you thought were respectable Negroes will “go for it.”

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