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Happy #BlackAugust! George Jackson: Releasing The Dragon (A Video Mixtape)

A Video Mixtape Tribute to George Jackson and Black August! Click to Tweet

George Jackson: Releasing the Dragon (a video mixtape)

Audio Only

Bashi Rose and Jared Ball, part of the imixwhatilike crew, have created this video mixtape commemoration to the life and politics of George Jackson. With original music and arrangements from jazz drummer Billy Kilson, Tim Hicks of the Cornel West Theory, Hec Dolo, Andre McKnight, Jake Freeman, and Bashi Rose and readings, commentary and performances by David Johnson (former comrade), Umar bin Hasan, Maisi and Marley Ball, Bali and Conal Rose, Tallulah Gabriel, Rebel Diaz, K. Amori, Son of Nun, Slangston Hughes, Eddie Conway, Norman Jackson, Bilal Rahman, Laini Mataka, Tim Hicks and Falani Spivey.


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Photo by Kevin “Rashid” Johnson

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  1. Great video, really got something out of it. the music sound track was nice. The high point was the sister school teacher who disseminated Soledad Brother to her students. Where is Jonathan Jackson Jr.?

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