The iMWiL! Introductory Critical Media Literacy (Video) Mixtape features interviews with Janine Jackson, Kali Akuno, Joy James, Claude Marks, Safiya Umoja Noble, Morgan Maxwell, music from Hec Dolo, The Cornel West Theory, The Welfare Poets, Big L, DJ Premier plus Kwame Ture, bell hooks, Paula Giddings and more! The video outlines some of the key concepts involved in developing an understanding of our media environment including racism, critical thinking, political economy, the state, commercialism, myths of origin, dominant narrative and alternative media.


  1. From the beginning of the video, one thing that stood out to me was that you explained how we might have learned the English language but our real language is expressed through the culture of hip-hop. Without the ability to read and/or write no one would be able to function in media world. I liked how Janine Jackson explained that when you have the ability to do critical thinking you can have access to a whole new world. But being a critical thinker could still be challenging due to the impact social media has become in our lives today.

  2. I viewed your video, “An Introductory Critical Media Literacy (Video) Mixtape ” I was impressed by the quote by Ms. Hooks: on “… being critically vigilant about what is being told to us and how we respond to whatis being told.”

    I am sending a story of a young man. I think that if the adults at the time of the event had been more conscientious regarding protection of children, Human Rights, and the Bill of Rights, that young man could have become a journalist, teacher, lawyer or government administrator/official.

    The story is also about “Fake News” or “Faking the Funk and Pretending that it is News”!

    I think it is morally and ethically backwards that the journalist of the time considered it more significant to poke fun at spelling a word incorrectly, than protecting the Bill of Rights. Particularly Freedom of Speech contained in the First Amendment. Just as the Freedom of Speech protects Free Thinking, Freedom of the Press protects Free Speech and other freedoms, because it is in the public sphere.

    This story is I think is an important matter long ignored. The story is about the connection of justice and adult responsibility. The story involves Human Rights, government tyranny, violation of the Bill of Rights and child abuse.

    Contact me please if you desire further discussion.

    There is an incident which has been bothering me for awhile. It involves a boy, now a man, named William Fiquererro. It involves Government officials, journalist, teachers, the PTA, and the First Amendment, which are supposed to protect the Human rights of freedom regarding speech, press and assembly. The adults failed in their duty as adults to protect the youngster.

    Mr. Fiquerero, Spelling Bee winner was bullied by then VP Dan Quayle, into spelling the word “potato” incorrectly, after he had correctly spelled it. None of the adults in that room protected him.

    None of the adults in the room protected the child or their own constitutional rights. They did protect VP Quayle and the system of injustice.

    The journalist in the fashion of immature children mocked Quayle, for the better, part of nearly 3 weeks, for incorrectly spelling the word. The adult public went along with it.

    Since that time, VP Quayle later became a billionaire and a “darling of Wall Street”.

    Mr. Fiquererro lived in challenging impoverished conditions and went through many hardships after the incident. From last I read, he became a model Father and was proud of his children, despite his hardships. It is disappointing that none of the journalist, lawyers, government administrators, or teachers, at that time, saw fit to set up a scholarship fund or internship for what seemed to be a promising student.

    The government actually bullied that 11 year old boy, and also bullied a nation of adults and the nation’s constitution. It bullied the adult citizens not to protect a child from abuse!

    I do not know of any primary, secondary or post secondary school in the entire nation that has had a discussion regarding the incident, from that time to this. This seems to indicate an irresponsible adult citizenry, as well as a corrupt educational system.

    The First Amendment is important for journalist to protect the rights of free speech, press and assembly to exchange thoughts. Speaking and writing are the manifestations or expression of thoughts.

    The Right of Free Speech is predicated upon justice of everyone having his perspective observations and opinions heard without reprisal, or bullied into telling a lie by a tyrant!

    The Right of Free Speech is especially important when one is indeed RIGHT!

    Otherwise 2 + 2 becomes 5, just because no one has the courage to tell the truth that the Emperor has no clothes.

    I am interested in ideas to rectify that which happened to Mr. Fiquererro and for this issue to be brought into the public sphere of mature discourse.

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