Dr. Greg Carr, chair of African American Studies at Howard University and First Vice-President of the Association for the Study of Classical African Civilizations (ASCAC), joined us for this rousing, extended conversation about Black Lives Matter, voting, cultural warfare and “the missing pages of world history.”




And below is the truly brilliant presentation – mentioned above – by Dr. Greg Carr on the life, history and political/cultural “genealogy” of Dr. John Henrik Clarke at the 1998 (November) gathering of the Association for the Study of Classical African Civilization (ASCAC) at the International House in Philadelphia, PA.


  1. It is always good to see you two together. Thank you so much for this talk, especially the (soft) critique of Black Lives Matter. I have been trying to tell people that this is literally a non-movement since I have known of it (and, as usual, when you try to awake people from their illusions, they tend to become irate). I really got mad around February with the whole “Black Futures Month” fiasco when these ahistorical, anti-literate, colored MAs and PhDs tried to rebrand what was originally a radical remembrance of the “missing pages of world history” as it pertains to African people into some kind of faux-optimistic non-engaging-engagement with the possibility of Black Liberation (as if people without a strong rooted-ness in their past can have a future).

    I personally think that this Black Lives Matter “movement” is really a formation by bourgeois Blacks who are currently jockeying for positions as the next cadre of compradors, selling their supposed movement credentials for positions in academia and other institutions. With the advanced eldership and transitioning of many of the compradors of the Civil Rights movement, this new cohort can finally find space to be the new “Negro Whisperers” but they do not meet the requisite requirements that “proves” that they “know” Black people and can translate and pacify us for whites. So to stuff their resume, they start one of the blandest “movements” that only the Twitter generation can imagine.

    1. I will say that after meeting with some in the #BLM that there are plenty trying hard to work radically within that formation and who are thinking deeply and seriously. But i hear you and that threat is real and playing out in some serious ways.

  2. Nana Asa Hiliard, Baffour Amankwatia, II, mentions the UNESCO conference where Diop and Obenga defended the African peopling of ancient Kemet and destroyed the fallacy of white supremacy in Kemetic antiquity. It would be wonderful to interview Dr. Obenga directly. One day soon. This was an excellent interview.

  3. Excellent program. Glen Ford expressed deep contempt for James Brown in an BAR article, I still will get McBride’s book. Dr. Carr”s Obama/Meyer Lansky analogy on Cuba was on time.

    1. Professor Ball,

      Time permitting , you may want to take a look at Tuesday’s March 6 segment of: On Contact with Chris Hedges on RT. This segment deals with the radical transformation, through gentrification of Jackson Mississippi and the efforts to halt the gentrification process led by Mr. Kali Akuno, co- founder and co-director of the organization Cooperation Jackson as well as the co-editor of the book- Jackson Rising: The Struggle for Ecomomic Democracy and Black Self-Determination in Jackson Mississippi. As the title suggests, these are themes which you and some of your guests have discussed in previous shows and might provide you with data points for use in upcoming segments.

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