Dr. King's Politics Absent From U.S. Political Scene

Glen Ford, of BlackAgendaReport.com, says that finding King’s politics in today’s presidential elections is hard to do. Anti-imperialism, anti-war and structural adjustments ending poverty are simply not present in 2016 election platforms across the board


  1. I’m curious about what Mr. Ford thinks the voters should do with respect to this presidential election. It appears that we’ll get Trump, Hilary, or Bernie, depending on what we do as voters. Is he suggesting that who we elect doesn’t make a difference? To be clear, I believe that Bernie is a Godsend for those with progressive values. I’m not a democrat and haven’t voted in prior elections. But I certainly believe that the Sanders movement will set the stage for progressive ideas, and make it easier for progressive ideas to be implemented. It appears that the Sanders movement has raised the consciousness of folks all over the world. Why do some folks believe that a vote for Sanders means that we can’t continue to struggle for Black liberation, or that the two things are mutually exclusive?

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