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It’s Like That – Son of Nun Video/Mini-Doc

Full Version (24min) –

It's like That Full Version 2

Shorter Version (13min) –

Son Of Nun – "It's Like That"


BEHIND THE SCENES/ON THE SET – September 12, 2016 – We had the chance today to catch up with Baltimore-based emcee and activist Son of Nun on the set of his new video for “It’s Like That.” The track, as he says, is meant to remind folks that the struggle in Baltimore (and elsewhere) continues even after the cameras are gone and that the killing of Freddie Gray has created renewed enthusiasm for that work.  The video was being shot by Bashi Rose and included activist representatives from Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle, The Ujima People’s Progress Party and more.

On the Set with Son of Nun



  1. Absolutely riveting! We need Dr. Ball here in NY to shake up these bored, scared&blast but not least TIRED types. When will folks see the light is beyond me. Tomorrow is not promised as our lives slowly disappear due to marginalization by others, as well as ourselves.

    Darla the Professor

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