Dr. Todd Steven Burroughs of the iMWiL! crew joined the iMWiL! crew in our collaboration with Netfa Freeman of WPFW‘s Voices With Vision for this wide-ranging, powerful discussion of his new book: Marvel’s Black Panther: A Comicbook Biography, From Stan Lee to Ta-Nehisi Coates We discussed, among much else, the history of comics, White writers of Black heroes, the politics of popularity, entertainment and art, African sovereignty, Black nationalism and, of course, the specific history of The Black Panther comic from its humble origins to 21st century pop spectacle.   This is must listen liberated masses media right here!


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  2. April Mackay

    Hey thank you for work you do. I’m an undergraduate non-traditional student. Have you ever thought of partnering with some of the publishing houses you read and doing books on tape? I know I need to read a lot of the stuff you do but I probably won’t get to most of it or at least won’t finish the books but if they were audio I’d be able to read them… Just a thought.

  3. Conal Bashiri Rose

    ” You Were Told to Leave Our Lands”

    An assured proposal: Let’s make the nation of Wakanda a part of the African Mossi Empire of the 15th century, and make The Black Panther its Mogho Naba [ King of Kings ] who was the ” Ruler of the Whole World”, his dominions were boundless, he was God’s son and therefore, sacred; no one must look upon his face, all must prostrate themselves before him.

    In this remarkable African empire, the late great African American historian, Chancellor Williams writes: ….All Muslim activity was restricted to trade. The religion of Islam was rejected, conversion to both teaching and religion forbidden. In short, the Mossi saw Islam and Christianity as the white man’s vehicles of conquest. It was the only black nation in time , to see this. Indeed, Mossi prophecy held that when the first white man appeared in the land the nation would die.

    All African states that began to develop again after the great dispersions, rebuilding and expanding, were prosperous and advancing as black states as long as they barred the relentless, aggressive whites from their countries; and their destruction became certain only when they abandoned this policy and let the Asians and Europeans in. On this the record is entirely clear. The Mossi held on steadfastly to their own African religion and African institutions and survived over five hundred years, into the 20th century until it was finally overrun by France in 1896. [ The Remarkable Mossi; The Destruction of Black Civilization, by Chancellor Williams ].

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