We just saw the film and had to discuss some of what we loved and much of what we, ahem, did not.* Some questions we raise include why isn’t Killmonger the hero??! What’s up with the pan-Africanism here?!!! Why are they smiling at each other!?!?! And is this merely a remake of Paul Robeson’s Sanders of the River?

*(“Hate,” we remind, is our satirical play on criticism and is connected to the idea that we “hate” what prevents revolution. For more on this see our Hate Awards).

Please watch this 1960 speech by Patrice Lumumba, and notice the sash he wears (less stylish but similar to the film’s near final scene), but notice the diametrically opposed position taken by him in his remarks and how those remarks were received by the colonial powers, understanding, of course, that Lumumba would be assassinated the following year in 1961.


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