Sat. Jan 18th, 2020

Buying Power and The Hate That Hate Produces

Dr. Hate sat down with Jared Ball to discuss further the Myth of Black Buying Power. There is much more on its way but this differently managed discussion is essential to a better understanding of how this myth functions. You can also hear our previous discussions with Merhsa Baradaran mentioned below to get even more!

CORRECTION: Dr. William “Sandy” Darity is misquoted and, in fact, said that Black people have a “per capita income of about $20k” which comes to about “$700 BILLION (not million) which is $500 billion less” than the false claim of “$1.1 trillion” in “buying power.”

4 thoughts on “Buying Power and The Hate That Hate Produces

  1. There is another option to capitalism and the gathering of wealth, a path to power and independence for the black (and other oppressed peoples) people. The white (Roman) empire does certainly hold the planet in a vice grip using money. The government is a tool of the Vatican and illuminati. One path to survival and independence is to separate from working for (and if you can, benefiting from- welfare) the government. In addition, remove yourselves from working for the corporate nexus, making rich man richer. Independent entrepeneurships employing brothers and sisters with fair and livable wages, the workers doing a conscientious job for good bosses, and providing goods and services for fair prices within the communities. In addition, remove your money from banks, and use cash everywhere. The government watches and monitors all with RFID chips in cards and phones. The banks, nor the corporations value you, so do things independently. If the workers no longer work for minimum wage, or not at all for the corps, their power is compromised, and they will be forced to pay more or to default. By the way, we have to do this now, as the powers plan to annihilate 7 billion people over the next five years, and Arabs are first, then goes blacks.Get packin.

  2. This crucial conversation makes it clear that within the black community or black colony, black buying power [ GDP ] results in a people becoming unwitting participants in a system of inequality. Within this framework, black capitalism, according to Dr. Huey P. Newton’s insightfulness, can also be seen as a hoax:

    “Black capitalism is represented as a step toward black liberation. It isn’t. It is giant strides away from liberation. No black capitalists can function unless he or she plays the white man’s game. Worse still, while the black capitalist wants to think he functions on his own terms, he doesn’t. He is always subject to the whims of the white capitalist. The riches of black capitalism, and the limits of black capitalism are set by the white power structure”. [ Huey P. Newton in Ebony Magazine, 1 August, 1969, pg. 110 ].

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