Black Agenda Report Columnist Margaret Kimberley was back with us to discuss a new effort against the militarization of the African continent via the USA Africa Command or AFRICOM led by Black Alliance For Peace.



  1. You all are right on! I would like to hear more about what Africom is doing in Africa because what I think it is doing is spreading the long-time strategy of the CIA and other alfabet agencies to DIVIDE and CONQUER. If you ever need some ammo in a discussion with folks (especially academic folks) who don’t believe that Hillary and the Democrats are working against black folks and peace I urge you to do a search “Bengazi Moriarty” for an interview with an amazing Texas couple who were in Libya when NATO began bombing and strafing Libya’s cities and infrastructure. The Clintons were involved in destroying the most peaceful and developed country in Africa because Libya was about to establish a Pan-African bank to help develop that continent without contributing (tribute) to the Empire. Hillary as Secretary of State is responsible for setting Pan-Africanism back a thousand years.

    Here is the video link:

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