We were joined in this edition of #AcademicsInCars by the artist and activist Skipp Coon. We talked hip-hop, politics, and what it means that “I’m young, pretty and I hit hard!”

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  1. Skipp Coon is a self- taught intellectual who appears uniquely qualified to represent the viewpoints of the dispossessed. His acronym: “Systems Keep Individuals Privileged and Powerful Cause Opposition to Their Operation is None”; fits quite appropriately concerning his spirituality and its connection to love; as opposed to Catholicism and Protestant Christianity’s dominating doctrine of receiving eternal salvation through Jesus Christ.

    Skipp Coon’s viewpoint comes closer to a cosmic Christianity, which can be said to embrace the whole of earth, the sky and the heavenly bodies, the environment and one another. Its a spirituality which gets us beyond the labeling of one another- “that I’m in the club and everyone else is going to hell”.

    So, hats off to this brother who hails from the State that has 4 eyes, but can not see!

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