Fake News” is a fake of news in that its contemporary meaning, use, deployment masks an initial “fakeness” of “news” itself. Thanks to professor Gus Griffin of Montgomery College for inviting and hosting this presentation (and subsequent As to unheard Qs).

The Fake of News – Dr. Jared A. Ball Research Professor of Communication Studies in the Institute for Urban Research at Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD.
This is an example of the TheyRule.net mapping I talked about. Here you can see just some of Comcast‘s corporate board interlocks.


  1. Back for a second listen! @ 17:30 the reference to Newton on social relationships intensification, when googled it comes back other the Huey. Your point is powerful in a digital age income inequality has grown. Hillary’s unsuccessful campaign in 2016 gives us insight into a narrative which isn’t in our interest. Is Hillary’s loss a scene out of Stanton and Anthony women’s suffrage,pitting Black men against women. How is it that it is omitted that Black men voted for her in the 80 percentile and that be seen as a negative? The Donahue comment was great to hear, I am old enough to have been around for that show, he was number one and they still canceled him, and MSNBC is the left?

  2. Powerful framework, America as fake news! Most white folks don’t understand the extent to which they were faked out. The Federalists, in their promotion of the adoption of The Constitution, especially Madison, were primarily concerned with what they saw as “the excess of democracy.” Under the articles of confederation, the white men that were not landed gentry, understood that they were given a raw deal. The property owning class was largely a pre-revolution legacy status, so the common (white) man was voting himself rights and benefits, including the cancellation of debts in the various state legislatures. Madison created a system citing Montesquieu’s system of checks and balances that his contemporary critics (the anti Federalists) pointed out that he gutted, it’s not faithful to Montesquieu. All of this was to make the mechanisms of federal and state government turn slowly under the control of plutocrats – while telling folks that this is democracy.

  3. My attempt at humor. If a conspiracy is proven as fact it is no longer theory. Do those who where coincidental now become deliberate. Very useful lecture.

    1. The Multi-billion dollar political advertising “2-Year Election Cycle” is the quid pro-quo pay-off to the CIA/MI6/Mossad Project Mockingbird News Entertainment Industry. No?

      1. Now that is a far better contribution than that other bit of nonsense you posted that went straight to trash. BTW, the absence of heard discussion is due only to the fact that I was the only one with a mic. But if you notice, my initial comments end before the promised 30 and discussion ensues. Now, back to substance… sure. You raise here an interesting point I will be sure to remember to include going forward.

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