1. “Out of the mouths of babes( oft times come gems)”

    Does the U.S. interfere in elections? “In Russia for example, yes, and proudly. In 1996, Clinton took pride in the fact that large scale U.S. interference in the Russian election swung it to the favor of Boris Yeltsin. The U.S. goes far beyond interfering in elections, it overthrows governments”: Noam Chomsky.

  2. I agree with Daniel Mays, about Democrats & Republicans being “2 sides of the same coin”. I describe it as “the 2-fisted political-party mafia running an extra-constitutional layer of government”, which runs consecutive 2-year Election Entertainment Seasons; the multi-billion dollar payoff for the CIA Project Mockingbird News Entertainment Industry which dutifully sustains their narrative (the “Russia Hacked Hoax” being a great example). I just finished reading the book, “The Original Black Elite: Daniel Murray and the Story of a Forgotten Era” by Elizabeth Dowling Taylor (Amistad, published by my “Boo from MSU”, Amistad Editorial Director Tracy Sherrod. Go Tracy!), and what is remarkable was is the sinking feeling as “The Black Elite” and all of Black Washington D.C., started losing equal protections and access accommodations in Hotels, Restaurants and on Trains, starting in the 1890s, as Jim Crow segregation laws were being enacted, and this process continued regardless whether a Republican or a Democrat President was in the White House, civil-rights losses kept coming; culminating in a newspaper enflammed “Race War” in the Hot Summer of 1919, white mobs in D.C. were attacking blacks in D.C. and black were seriously fighting back for their lives. It was the end of the Era of Reconstruction. What is remarkable is that nobody had the ability to stem this tide of Apartheid called Jim Crow, By holding “Inaugural Balls” to celebrate the election of each successive President, the Black Elite just found themselves more separate and more unequal.

  3. 3 years of noise and nonsense summed up in a 1+min. post by the inimitable Dr. JAB & Co. Hilarious and thank you.

  4. In an absence of an alternative to the Democratic or the Republican party the criticism expressed of the Democratic party and their “Play on old racist Tropes” needed to be followed up by some proposal for solutions. For example the idea that a third party in this country will never be realized. We must examine that both the Democratic and Republican parties are two side of the same coin, and we need a new currency. To this end Sen. Sanders behavior would also have to be analyzed. this would necessitate figuring out why the green party has had the results it has had, and how to financially sustain a separate effort. If this is the best we can do, we need to lay out at what point we will be able to do better and not miss that moment.

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