We were joined in this edition of iMWiL! once again by Dr. Tommy Curry for a part two of our discussion of his book The Man-Not: Race, Class, Genre, and the Dilemmas of Black Manhood. We discussed his work and its challenge to conventional and other forms theoretical approaches to the study of race, class, and gender but also about Curry’s career, his move to a global leader in higher education and much more!


  1. His comments at the end about Nipsey’s death and how dragging black men after we die was perfectly illustrated after Kobe Bryant’s death.

    The difference was that for once Gayle King and her ilk were taken to task. It was sad because most black women don’t behave this way. It’s mainly a very vocal and entrenched elite.

  2. Great interview very illuminating. Reminds me of the troubles I had working on my field dissertation or I should say I’m completed.

  3. Dr. Curry’s discussion about his controversy that was perceived as out-of-bounds, reminded me of Dr. Wilderson’s discussion, on here, regarding the policing of black bodies as an exercise in/performance of (white) American health & wellness.

    J.B., thank you for the kinds of discussions you facilitate, on here. It is refreshing and promising to here people forging connections, as opposed to writing-off, Afrocentric thought with mainstream, (non)acceptable lines of thought. We need more Black scholarship that engages/places into dialogue the work of Drs. M. Ani, J. H. Clarke, Amos Wilson, other forms of non-Black thought, so to speak. For example, what would Cedric Robinson & Theodor Adorno have to say to each other? We know that Adorno writes about Jazz, and I bet he and Charles Mingus would have a very fruitful dialog, for example.

    Anyway, thanks, again, and I am Glad that Dr. Curry made it out. That has been one of my aspirations, too: to go teach abroad. Dr. Curry provided that inspiration and vision of possibility of that (kinda) dream.


  4. Dr. Ball, kudos to you for putting Dr. Curry on, he’s ahead of the curve. It’s a shame & a disgrace that due to the colonial & conservative nature of HBCU’s he was forced to go to Europe.

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