It was a pleasure to be part of this rousing discussion with Alkebu-Lan radio and their wonderful listening audience!

The Myth and Propaganda of Black Buying Power by Jared A. Ball

From Alkebu-Lan:

PJ Morton, Prince Fatty & Nostalgia 77 feat. Malcolm X, Terence Blanchard and Freddie McGregor.

Malcolm X, like activists before and after him promoted economic empowerment through initiatives like ‘Buy Black’. Today it’s commonly believed that Black spending as much as trillions of dollars, properly directed can deliver real wealth and self-determination. But Prof. Jared Ball differs, calling “Black buying power” within a capitalist economy a myth: “There is no economic solution to poverty and inequality. Economics is political. We need better politics and organization not fantasies about wealth creation.”

1) Do we have a clear understanding of the legacy of Omowale Malcolm X”?
2) What’s the best to resist misrepresentation of his legacy?
3) Have we confused wealth with “buying power”?
4) Is there any better use we can make of our spending capacity than we do currently?
5) What does “better politics and organization” look like?


  1. Two points:

    -Black people not seeing themselves as an oppressed group of people is really dangerous to our continued survival…it is the exact reason why we do not organize collectively in any sense of the word. The fact that the callers seem not to even grasp this fact should make one wonder what their real goal is in trying to build wealth if not to create (or sustain) an elite amongst themselves (something they adamantly deny).

    -I do not like how “economics” seems to be divorced from “politics” in your analysis. Economics and politics are literally the same thing. Before economists decided to put on their “we-are-a-natural-science” charade, it and political science were one department in colleges and universities, Political Economy. What these foolish ‘free’ Black capitalists are practicing is not economics, not even capitalism (capitalists thrive on manipulating public policy -see Trump, Bloomberg, DeVos, and the rest)…it is small-business-ism.


    1. the separation of economics from politics is precisely the point i am making and if you listen to my explanation and argument for a focus on GDP is an argument for political economy minus perhaps the phrase itself. i am addressing the already existing separation in popular consciousness of politics and economics and explaining here that my book is about addressing this misconception. so i will lean on my bias here and just guess that had you heard me use the phrase “political economy” you would see we agree. in fact, it is all i have ever argued for but ill consider being more conscious of this going forward. thanks.

  2. ADOS is not doing anything except ignore the main problem(capitalism and YT supremacy) REPARATIONS were on the agenda decades ago so they are not saying anything new, except they are not serious about the reparations if they did they would have aligned with N’COBRA, fight against wasteful and racist wars, for $15 living wage and empire…instead narrow micronationalism imitating the dead end of micronationalism….no ADOS are not for real just show and tell and project on the exploited

  3. Whether one calls themselves ADOS or not, political education and engagement, in order to secure resources, is exactly the work ADOS is doing.

    1. absolutely not what ADOS is doing. Fighting-rightfully and righteously-for reparations is not the same as controlling resources including our labor and capital-which is the true source of wealth creation-is not on ADOS radar at ALL. ADOS continue the myth of ultimately owning black business and supporting black business will end our oppression as race, a nation and part of the exploited masses of this world. IN short I understand the dejected sentiments of ADOS but disagree with their analysis and synthesis

    2. I suggest people need to investigate ADOS as they are affiliated and supported by Supremacist indoctrination, White Nationalists including Alt-Right. They are effectively splitting the reparations debate into multiple pieces and it is having a major effect, and watering down the criteria that would allow anyone of AfRAkan descent to claim. They are suggesting that your grand parents would have to prove they were slaves by supplying paperwork as verification. Consider for a moment how that is possible 100 years ago or more. ADOS is a smokescreen to kill the reparations debate stone dead. Consider this blog and various others exposing ADOS and its tactics.

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