Black Celebrity and the Myth of Buying Power

Again, many thanks to DaveyD and Hard Knock Radio for this PART TWO of our extended discussion of hip-hop, celebrity, Black politics and buying power!

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Author: Jared Ball
Emancipatory Journalism & Media Jared A. Ball is a father and husband. After that he is a professor of Media and Africana Studies and produces multimedia for > Dr. Jared A. Ball

7 thoughts on “Black Celebrity and the Myth of Buying Power

  1. yes! more critical. we need to be a lot more critical of our circumstances and advocate for a socialist country right quick so that black people could actually get on a real equitable footing – and even there, we should stay critical of what that means for impoverished countries abroad .

  2. Out of all the giant leaders who’ve mentioned (from Booker T. to Dr. Amos Wilson), who came closest to our “true” political circumstances?

      1. Speaking of George Jackson, here are a few of his analyses that have proven to be enduring:

        They wear the mask, a capitalist facade

        “The essence of a U.S.A. totalitarian socio – political capitalism is concealed behind the illusion of a mass participatory society.
        We must rip away its mask”.

        If you're not part of the 1 percent you're a nobody to be exploited

        “Revolutionary change means the seizure of all that is held by the 1 percent, and the transference of these holdings into the hands of the remaining 99 percent. If the 1 percent are simply replaced by another 1 percent, revolutionary change has not taken place”.

        Democrats & Republicans - two sides of the same coin ?

        “When any election is held it will fortify rather than destroy the credibility of the power brokers. When we participate in this election to win, instead of disrupt, we’re lending to its credibility”. [ George Jackson; ‘Blood in My Eye’, 1971 ].

  3. A river runs deep but this definitely goes deep into brilliant corners! Many thanks Ball. Do what you do

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