The Assata Taught Me Mixtape

Featured Emancipatory Mix!

From DJ Plant Bass:

Assata Shakur is a soldier for community, a Black Panther who waged revolution for a new system of values: justice for the Earth and all its inhabitants. She has a lot to teach us, take a listen and you’ll see! This mixtape is set to conscious hip-hop as well as jazz and soul music, in the vein of my other offerings featuring Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X.

Assata Taught Me by DJ Plant Bass aka DJ Sese
2005 Original George Jackson Mixtape
George Jackson: Releasing the Dragon (2016)

FreeMix Radio Archives

Being interviewed for Cassette: The Documentary got me to find what I could of our remaining mixtape radio projects, FreeMix Radio.  Even as we migrate further online i still think the mixtape tradition, cassette and CDs primarily, and our concept of mixtape radio is valuable.  Many more editions of FreeMix Radio are just out there somewhere but these represent the idea well enough; the mixtape as a source of “emancipatory journalism.”


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