Cleophas Jacobs joined Dr. Hate, Mwariama Kamau and Jared Ball for more discussion of Black Power, The Garvey Movement and African Fighting Sciences.  We also talked about hip-hop’s Marcus Garvey cultural memory and the adoption by prominent Black intellectuals of Richard Nixon’s intentionally distorted definition of Black Power.  Specifically, we looked at this morning’s truly confused commentary on Eric Holder by Michael Eric Dyson.

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  1. As for Bill & Melinda Gates’, GSK’s & their ilk supposed ‘generosity’ & ‘benevolence’ re: vaccines in 3rd World Countries see:’ Report Blasts Unethical HPV Vaccine Trial in India’ [@ ] Key Excerpts: } A report submitted by a high level committee appointed by the government of India, after 7 girls died while enrolled in an HPV vaccine trial testing the safety of vaccines manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline [GSK], Merck, and Dohme, brought out “shocking findings” about gross violations in the project, questioning the suspension of ethical standards. The [HPV vax] trial was financed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation…
    The [HPV vax] trial flagrantly violated every aspect of ethical standards: the most glaring being violations of informed consent standards…
    Adverse events were not recorded or reported and even deaths were not promptly reported.
    The government inquiry expressed “concerns over a hidden agenda (vaccines came free from pharma giants Glaxo Smith Kline and Merck Sharp and Dohme) to push the expensive injections into India’s Universal Immunisation Programme (UIP).”
    The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has been in the forefront of aggressive promotion of mass vaccination programs in 3rd World countries. Those economically underdeveloped populations are a huge new market and revenue source for Big Pharma. Critics have questioned the cost / benefit for local populations of the vaccines being promoted. These initiatives divert scarce resources for patented expensive vaccines of questionable value… {

  2. IMO there’s more to this Ebola out-break than the lame-stream cover story- especially re: bat-soup.
    About this hype re: ‘Bat-Soup’ being the source of this Ebola out-break in W.Africa .At first they claimed apes / monkeys were the source of Ebola- ala the 1995 film ‘Out-break’ [likely the first time most folks even heard of Ebola]- Yet now they claim its source is fruit bats. Having lived nearly 9yrs in Liberia & another 1.5 months in Ivory Coast, I’ve neither heard NOR seen Africans there eating bats. So though the Govt of Guinea issued a ban on ‘Bat-soup- it must be noted that the out-break there began w a 2yr old who likely was bitten or scratched by a bat. Plus Guinea is 85% Muslim, & IMO bats don’t fit normal & approved Islamic dietary standards
    FYI: bats are small dark-colored flying nocturnal creatures w very keen hearing & sense of smell. Thus they’re not easily hunted, especially at night deep in thick forests.
    This Bat-Soup Theory for Ebola is based on a 2009 study in BANGLADESH where [just] 4% of fruit bats are said to have anti-bodies for Ebola [NOT Live Ebola viral infections]. Yet Bangladesh is NO-Where near even E.Africa, let alone W.Africa! Thus IMO the Bat-Soup hype re: the source of this Ebola out-break in W.Africa, sounds a bit like a cynical cover-story.

    FYI: Independent Investigative journalist Jon Rappoport says that in Liberia only 31% of the alleged Ebola cases, have actually been tested for Ebola [which the tests can be unreliable]- IE: 65% – 70% of patients are said to have Ebola just based on ‘quick-glance’ assessments. Rappoport says that this Ebola hype lays out a perfect cover story where certain areas can be ‘locked-downed’ for land & resource grabs- exemplified by Obama’s response to the crisis is to send 3000 US troops to Liberia]. People in these W.African countries already had over-taxed &/or weakened immune systems [IMO strengthening the immune system is the best way to ward off plagues- NOT vaccines] due to malnutrition & contaminated food & water.
    And note this Yahoo News article on adverse reactions to Merck’s Gardasil vaccine in Columbia [@ ]. FYI vaccines are often preserved w toxic mercury & spiked w aluminum.

    It must also be noted that one of the US’ foremost experts re: Ebola & producing vaccines from GMO altered fruits, Dr Charles Arntzen of AZ St U Biotech Dept, was recorded in 2012 joking about slashing the global population by at-least 25% [African’s & 3rd World people are always the main targets] by using a genetically engineered [Ebola?] virus [see @ & ].Of-course Arntzen is linked to Big Pharma vaccine companies [IE: Z-MAPP] & also to the US Bio-Weapons prog [at Fort Detrick MD where that Anthrax came from]…

    • PS: It should be noted: the 1995 movie ‘Out-break’ [likely the first time most ever even heard of Ebola]- talked about the US Military’s Bio-Weapons Prog covertly developing a strain of Ebola as a deadly / effective bio-weapon.

      • For those who insist the very idea of a genetically engineered bio-weapon, to used to ‘cull’ large numbers off people, is just the stuff of Science-‘FICTION’… From AlterNet ‘How Exotic & Unlikely-Sounding Disasters May Kill Us Off’ [@ ]
        Key Excerpt: } Cosmologist Martin Rees said: “My worst nightmare is the lone weirdo ecofanatic proficient in biotech, who thinks it would be better for the world if there were fewer humans to despoil the biosphere.” Univ of WI prof Yoshihiro Kawaoka recently showed just how real this possibility is when he ENGINEERED a Strain of the DEADLY 2009 Swine Flu Virus that Could EVADE the (human) Immune System… {

    • uh…you’re aware that vaccines are defense against 100s of childhood diseases, right?And that since the fraud link made of autism and vaccines caused less people to get vaccinated, the 3 major diseases addressed, MMR, Measles Mumps and Rubella is again on the rise…in Africa, where much was being done to fight those diseases, then the Jenny McCarthy nuts came out of the woodwork. In CA an epidemic of Whooping Cough is occurring as more parents are choosing to give disease, rather than vaccines that fight disease. The Hg you’re talking of is so minor, more exists naturally in soils(and I think they may have a different preservative now than Hg). You do know vaccines work by ‘boosting’ the immune system(very relevant in places where malnutrition is rampant, hence a real need for vaccines for boosting the immune system,BTW ever hear of getting Booster shots?They are called that because they ‘BOOST’ the immune system, giving it a headstart to fight off invaders(diseases). Main problem when less vaccines are given more kids are at risk, even those who get vaccinated. Big Pharma makes very little on vaccines, as these are one time drugs, at most a few times. What Big Pharma wants is, say, diabetes drugs that cover people over lifetimes, not via one shot vaccines, but ongoing maintencnae drugs. You’re also aware that smallpox is no longer a threat due to widespread vaccines given to kids early, right?
      GMOs are controversial due to gene manipulation, and unknown long term effects, however hybridization(changing the plant via mixing strains) of food plants has gone on since farming began. GMOs have no obvious deleterious effects, if anything more research is needed, but what is worse is the corporate lies and NON-transparency in their profit generating fraudster machines.

      • GMO are NOT the same as hybridization of crop practiced by various farmers world-wide for 100s or even 1000s of yrs. GMO crops have only been around for 20yrs. Their effects are at best unknown but actually there is mounting evidence that they are likely harmful. They definitely promote pest & weed resistance, requiring using ever-more toxic pesticides & herbicides- to the point that Mon-Satan-O wants to unleash a ‘new’ generation of ‘agent-orange’ GMO crops.
        If GMO crops were actually the same as non-GMO crops Mon-Satan-O, Bayer Crop Science, Dow Chem, ADM, etc..could NOT even patent them. This fact alone means they’re substantially different from their standard NON-GMO counter-parts. And if they were so ‘safe’ as Mon-Satan-O & their ilk claim, why do they go out of their way to nix independent studies to verify GMO safety plus food-labeling laws re GMOs.
        Plus why in HELL should we trust CHEMICAL Companies w such notorious histories as Mon-Satan-O & DOW chem [makers of extremely toxic Agent-Orange, napalm & PCBs] & Bayer [literally helped fuel the NAZI war-machine & made toxic gas for Auschwitz & Treblinka], to monopolize our food supply & seeds w their Dubious GMO products
        GMO crops have been a failure in Africa & India- so much so that 10s of thousands of Indian farmers have reportedly committed suicide- because those GMO crop failure left them in massive debt!

        There are many issues w many vaccines, but the most glaringly serious ones are allergic reactions, & why are they still using toxic mercury based ‘preservatives’ in many / most vaccines along w spiking them w toxic aluminum particles??? Your claim that they use just a ‘tiny bit’ of toxic mercury as a preservative, may have cut it back in 1914, but NOT in 2014- cause there’re just too other non-toxic types & means of preservatives.
        Plus what the hell does Jenny McCarthy [who by the way I never mentioned] has do w vaccines in AFRICA- DUHH??? Since her focus is in the US, IMO your rant blaming her [by implication] for a rise in measles, Mumps & Rubella in AFRICA is just BS! IMO those vaccines have likely simply become less effective- PLUS I know for a fact that they most often dump 3rd Rate CRAP that’s NOT ‘fit for’ / can’t be sold in the US & EU- in Africa. IMO this also goes for medicines / drugs & vaccines!
        And You are aware that over-use of Ineffective vaccines & drugs, can & has led to more drug-resistant virulent strains of infectious diseases, aren’t you??!

  3. Note what legendary Black Radio personality Bob Law, in a recent interview w Davey D, says about what happened to Black radio from the time of its key role re the Black Freedom struggle to the modern era’s descent into hyping Gangsta-Rap @ -&- ].
    One of Bro Law’s key points was- How the 1972 movie ‘Superfly’ along w other Blax-ploitation films [& TV shows IE: ‘Barretta’] were cynically used to steer Black youth away from looking up to folks like Malcolm, Martin, the BPP, etc – to hyping drug-dealing pimps [‘sporting’ pressed hair, hi-heel shoes, ‘purses’ in outlandish outfits] as ‘hip & cool’ & the really ‘down’ brothers.
    Tricky Dick’s & Ronnie Ray-guns phony ‘War on Drugs’ specifically targeted Black & Brown communities- which led to the explosion of Mass incarceration & the ‘New Jim Crow’.
    Yet the CIA has been implicated in having ties to international drug dealers, from SE.Asian heroin [1960s & 70s], to the Contras [ala crack cocaine in the 1980s], to the current Afghan Heroin explosion since the US invasion in 2001 [not including the CIA link to LSD via MK-ULTRA]. And USB bank has recently been caught red-handed laundering BILLION$ in drug $$$!!! Needless to say, ‘thanks’ to Obama-Holder’s DoJ, NO USB bankster went to jail NOR did USB even have to admit guilt!
    Further emphasizing this point re: their phony ‘War on Drugs’ was just a cynical ploy to open yet another front on their on-going ‘War on Black People’ to further destroy us a a people: In the US Blacks are 10Xs more likely to get locked-up for drug offenses than whites even though over-all whites abuse drugs more often. The only drug Blacks abuse more than whites is crack- yet NOT nearly as much as most assume [5% of Blacks have used crack vs 3.5% of whites – so there should be 3.5Xs more whites, in total, jailed for crack than Blacks- cause the white population is 5Xs more than Blacks]. Heroin use rates for whites = that for Blacks, but for all other drugs, both legal & illegal [IE: Pot / Reefer {madness}, Coke, Meth, Booze, etc]- whites abuse more, often by large margins.
    It’s telling that this huge disparity in Blacks being jailed for drugs vs whites holds true even in states where Blacks are just barely 1% of the population IE: HI, ND & SD, UT, VT, etc where the disparity is between 6Xs – 10Xs greater for Blacks vs whites [in IL it’s 23.6Xs greater].

    Thus the 1960s & 70s so-called drug ‘counter-culture’ was actually a nefarious ploy to divert our people [& others including some whites] from pursuing revolution into a drug-fueled ‘dead-end’. Thus it was NOT a so-called [drug-fueled] ‘counter-culture’, but rather a counter-revolution!


    Grand Master Ronald Duncan may he R.W.R

    Watch this with the right eyes and you might spot something useful for today’s time that’s a little more effective than “hand’s up!!!”.

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