Application for Promotion to Full Professor
Dr. Jared A. Ball
Associate Professor
Morgan State University
September 19, 2016

Contact: / 202-997-0267

Table of Contents:

TAB 1:  Executive Summary

TAB 2Candidate Statement and Website Introduction

TAB 3Web Supplement Statement and Table of Contents

TAB 4Curriculum Vitae

TAB 5: Last Annual Report (2014 / pre-2015 sabbatical) Including Last Student Evaluations (HARD COPY DOSSIER ONLY)

TAB 6: Teaching Statement 

TAB 7Academic Production Statement

TAB 8: Selected/Referenced Publications

TAB 9: Service Statement


TAB 10: Appendix I
Letters of Recommendation
Full Professor of Journalism Dr. Wayne Dawkins / Hampton University
Full Professor of Journalism Dr. Linn Washington / Temple University

TAB 11: Appendix II
Supplemental Accolades and Statements of Support (Academics, Journalists, Activists, Artists, Members of the Community) (30+)

TAB 12: Appendix III
Survey/Poll Results of IMWIL Supporters Attesting to the Value of My Work, Website and Impact (100+)

TAB 13: Appendix IV
School of Global Journalism and Communication Department of Multiplatform Production Tenure and Promotion Criteria

TAB 14: Appendix V
Miscellaneous Awards, Committee Appointments, Commemorative Statements and Plaques